Saturday, 31 October 2015


This blog will comprise of posts summarising factual information

(The articles will not be a political commentary.  They are summaries that will be added to and rewritten as the information becomes clearer.)

I am busy a person and would welcome posts from outside sources, corrections and feedback.


  1. Couple of typos for you....

    Para 3 re Codex Alimentarius animal "diseases" typo & further down, re rephrasing the question Norway with "its".

    Interesting detail re proportion of EU legislation adopted.

    Its a sad state of affairs that the Prime Minister can repeatedly make statements at variance with the truth - and get away with it unchallenged. His misrepresentation of the Norwegian position is an example, but the glaring one is his claim to have vetoed a Treaty.

    1. Thank you for your corrections, much appreciated